The Entertainer

We have a term commission to provide building control services across England and Wales for this national chain of retailers.  They value or fast response times to queries and the benefits of having a single point of contact regardless of locations removing discrepancies in interpretation of the regulations.







Primark Stores

Primark have been one of Dunwoody Building Legislations best Clients over the last 5 years. The working relationship has proven successful for over 50 major project ranging in value from £2.0M to £25M in value.


The client values our early input into projects to ensure compliance and we offer advice on their standard details to ensure their design team are always operating to compliant specifications.


For example following a change in guarding supplier and therefore specification we checked the new suppliers proposals for compliance and found that at the head of escalators there was a conflict with the size of opening permitted under the building regulations for protection from falling and the minimum space required to maintain the machinery.  We helped the manufacturer amend the specification to include removal “fins” to protect from falling but allowing access when required for maintenance.




Somerset House

This project is the large scale refurbishment of one of central London’s famous buildings. Following the vacation of the South Wing and Embankment Building by government departments in the last few years, a comprehensive restoration programme has seen galleries and other cultural spaces introduced here. The Embankment Terrace has been reopened and Chambers' great Courtyard has been transformed from a hidden car park into one of the most vibrant public spaces in the capital.


These changes have been overseen by architects Inskip and Jenkins, under the direction of the Somerset House Trust and with financial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


The scheme needed to ensure that the historical aspects of the building were maintained whilst ensuring that the future of the building ensuring the space within was viable for future purposes.




Wigan JSC

The construction of a one-stop-shop for council and partner services and a Healthy Living Zone, which included a health suite, library, new swimming pool and office accommodation for Wigan Council.


Spread across two sites - north and south, which are separated by council offices - the project has brought much-needed employment into the town.


A significant part of the project was to ensure the retention of the Victorian brick façade that had previously been the library. Significant structural steelwork was required to ensure the façade retention was stable and compliant.




BNP Paribas

This project is the large scale refurbishment of a central London high rise office building.


The building has 9 floors all used for office space.  This project consists of the category A refurbishment to form a high level of specification for the end user.  Due to the nature of the Clients work they operate with a high level of occupancy compared to other office accommodation so the fire safety requirements have been based on BS 9999 to ensure the client can utilise their high level of building management to allow an increased occupancy of the building.


The building was previously subject to Section 20 of the Building Act and has existing pressurised staircases that have been maintained.