Octagon Centre, Liverpool

The Octagon is a new 5 storey building providing living accommodation to local University students. The building comprises of purpose built apartments each offering shared living facilities with individual self-contained bedrooms and sanitary provisions. The building also offers a communal break out area and on site laundry facilities.






88 Bedroom Care Home, Oswestry

The  Care  Home  is  generally  two storeys however the entrance is 3 storey which provides access to the ancillary  accommodation  which  has been located in the roof space.


The  88  bedrooms  have  been  designed  to  provide  the  service  user  with their own en-suite facilities and a bedroom which can accommodate a sleeping  and  sitting  area.   There are two 22 bed wings on each floor located either site of a central entrance core which provides vertical circulation and some communal facilities. The bed room wings have been design with the majority of the day space and ancillary accommodation is located in the centre to allow easy of access around the wings.


Additional  days  space  is provided  at  the  end  of  the  wings  to  provide  alternative  locations  for service users to congregate but also to allow views out of the end of the corridors.  The scheme has been designed with 6m² per bedroom which is becoming an industry standard in a new build care homes.




Caledonia Mills, Stoke

The proposal was to construct a U-shaped development with the open side facing west in order to allow good sunlight and daylight penetration with a large central courtyard with a central lawn area in which will be planted a large specimen tree to act as a long term focal point for the development.


The wing facing Caledonia Road comprises vehicular and building access with accommodation at ground and above. The facade is punctuated by contrasting materials and a composition that creates a harmony between vertical and horizontal rhythm. Vertical fins enhance the façade and again enhance vertical composition. The brickwork responds to its context and its extent is split via vertical inset steel sections to respond sympathetically to the neighbouring domestic property proportions.


The palette of materials is intentionally contemporary but with clear links to Stoke’s industrial heritage. The ground floor is to be constructed in grey stack bonded bricks. These will create a strong plinth to the building and are also very practical for dealing with the changing levels around the site perimeter. Upper storeys are finished in a mixture of white render, contextual brickwork and cladding.




LSBU Enterprise Centre

Enterprise and Innovation offers flexible office space for small businesses, as well as a permanent home to the University's Enterprise team.


The original Grade II listed run of terrace houses and Duke of Clarence pub have been fully refurbished to an extremely high, contemporary standard yet many of the original features, such as fireplaces, remain as a link to the building's heritage.


As well as office space, the enterprise centre combines formal retail units with more informal and inspirational working areas including 'huddle' and 'brainstorm' rooms, spaces for events and exhibitions and access to a landscaped garden. There is also a professional and convenient space for businesses to bring clients.